AG210 | Fixed Explosion Proof Gas Detector

We located in Nanjing, China, with our special focus on offering gas detection system, online gas analysis and dust monitoring system. The product and professional service of AIYI Technologies have been highly regarded and widely acclaimed among our worldwide clients, and we have already been the leading in several industries.


AG210 gas detector is a classic product of AIYI Technologies, which is suitable for most areas where it is necessary to detect flammable gas, oxygen, and toxic gas. The product responds quickly with an advanced gas sensor; ingress protection to IP65.


Advanced gas sensors, fast response with a long lifespan, safer and more reliable. IP65 design with body material in stainless steel and aluminum alloy, suitable for harsh environments. High-brightness OLED display, capable to see readings in any angle..


  • Built-in relay and compatible with sound light alarm
  • Full English menu, remote control operation.
  • Complete product certification (ATEX, SIL, CCCF, etc.)

Gas detected                                               Ex, toxic gases

Display                                                      OLED display

Response time*                                            T90≤30S

Accuracy*                                                   ≤±5%F.S

Repeatability*                                              ≤2%F.S

Power supply                                               18-28VDC (standard 24VDC)

signal output                                               4-20mA/ RS485

wiring                                                        three-wire/ four-wire

relay output                                                1 passive relay (250VAC/5A 30VDC/5A)

indicator light                                              power, fault, alarm-1, alarm-2

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