CENTER 21 AC/DC Smart Clamp Meter (Economy)

CENTER 21 AC/DC Smart Clamp Meter (Economy)
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  • Auto Switch Between AC and DC Voltage
  • Auto Switch Between Capacitance, Diode Test, Continuity, and Resistance
  • NCV (non-contacted voltage detection) Function
  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement Up to 600V
  • AC Current Measurement Up to 600A
ACA 60A/600A 0.01A/0.1A ± 1.9%rdg +5dgts
ACV/DCV 600Ω~6MΩ 0.001V/0.01V/1V ±1%rdg ± 3dgts
Ohms 6V/60V/600V 0.1Ω~0.001MΩ ±1.2%rdg +3dgts
Capacitance 6nF/60nF/600nF
±3%rdg +10dgts
Hz(A) 6KHz/10KHz 0.001KHz/0.01KHz ±0.2%rdg +2dgts
Hz(v) 6KHz/60KHz/100KHz 0.001KHz/0.01KHz/0.1KHz ±0.2%rdg +2dgts
•))) / Diode < 30Ω /  0~1.2V
Display: 3 5/6 digital Liquid display, Maximum reading 5999
Sampling Rate: 2 times/sec
Battery: 1.5V size AAA battery x 2
Dimensions: 203x75x32 mm
Weight: 270g
Maximum Jaw Opening: ø 25.4 mm
Visitors: 69,660