What is an EndoCube?
A Product Invented and manufactured in the UK by British
Engineers to: 
  • Save energy by as much as 30%
  • Increase the life of equipment
  • Increase the safety of food storage
  • Save CO2 emissions and reduce carbon footprint
How does an EndoCube Work ?
It fits over the thermostat sensor on commercial refrigeration units.
  • Microcrystalline wax within the EndoCube mimics food and encases the thermostat sensor preventing fluctuating air temperatures from
    controlling the refrigeration unit.
  • The EndoCube turns the refrigeration unit on and off as the product temperature demands it.
  • Because air no longer causes so many random stop starts, longer on/off cycles lead to considerable energy savings.
Key Benefits
Energy Savings
  • Trial results show that fitting an EndoCube typically reduces a refrigeration units energy consumption by 15-20% but in some cases it
    can exceed 30%.
  • This benefit comes from the longer on/off cycles ie less starts and stops.
  • This will reduce energy bills significantly.
The Environment
  • As previously mentioned, fitting an EndoCube will reduce energy consumption from a refrigeration unit by 15-20% on average.
  • This will lead to a similar saving in CO2 emissions which in the current environmental climate is significant.
Extended Equipment Life
  • The less starts and stops caused by the EndoCube will extend the lifespan of a refrigeration unit, especially the thermostat and
  • This will lead to fewer plant failures, less engineering call out charges and reduce expenditure on replacement parts.
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