The G210 is specifically designed for highly accurate measurement and verification of the quality of piped N2O and O2 medical gases in hospitals. This 
unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specifications requirements, that provide the user with a fast, simple-to-use and
accurate piece of testing equipment.
The G210 medical analyzer was developed to measure nitrous oxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in piped medical gases in 
Key Specifications
  • Measures N2O 0-100%, O2 0-100%, CO2 0-2000 ppm and optional CO 0- 500 ppm
  • Specific Site and ID Input
  • User settable alarm
  • Download capabilities with optional ADM Software for graphing and reporting data
  • Easy user calibration for improved accuracy
  • Self-test and self-monitoring on start up
  • Lightweight, portable analyzer for ease of use
  • Accurate verification of gas quality
  • Identify contaminants CO and CO2
  • Local support and calibration/repair facility centrally located in Dexter, Michigan
VIASENSOR G210 Applications
Piped medical gas verification, Leak detection
 Technical Library
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