12a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant



Operation: RED TEK 12a possesses similar volumetric refrigerating effects to R12 or R134a refrigerants.Operates at lower head pressures and offers improved cooling properties,performance and energy efficiency verses R12 or R134a.Can be used effectively in R12 or R134a refrigeration sytem with out major"retrofitting."
Lower Cost: Less Expensive than R12 refrigerant and R134a "retrofits".Energy savings up to 30%.
Compatibility: Compatible with most common refrigeration meterials and lubricants including R134a,R12, metal components,minerals and lubricants(Ester and PAG)lubricants, seals,gaskets,hoses,compressors,and o-rings.
Environment:100% natural organic refrigerant, non-ozone depleting,non-global warming.12a is in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol.
safety: Does not become caustic when contaminated with moisture or oxygen.Non-toxic,non-carcinogen,autoignition temperature above 1385F.No long term health risks have been attributed to RED TEK 12a refrigerant.

RED TEK® 12a, a HC-based refrigerant from Thermofluid Technologies, is a blend of environmentally safe hydrocarbon fluids designed as a direct replacement and retrofit
refrigerant option for replacing R134a and R12 substitutes in automotive air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 12a operates at lower head pressures and offers
improved cooling properties and performance verses R134a and R12.

Product RED TEK® 12a R12 R134a
Chemical Type HC CFC HFC
Composition zeotrope pure pure
G.W.P (CO2=1, 100yr ITH) 3 10,600 1,600
O.D.P. 0 0.9 0
Atmospheric Life < 1 year 130 years 16 years
Thermal Performance +12 - +32% 0 -8%
Oils both mineral synthetic
Leak Detection hydrocarbon halide halide
Boiling Point (C) -31 -30 -26
Autoignition (F) 1385 n/a 1385
Latent Heat (1.0 bar, abs) 367 KJ/kg 145 KF/kg 189 KJ/kg
Refrigerant Mass Charge Size (R12=100%) 33% 100% 90%
Toxic Thermal Decomposition None Phosgene Gas Hydro Flouride Gas