Indoor Air Quality

Monoxor® Plus CO Analyzer

Advanced Carbon Monoxide Analyzer for Commercial Applications

  • Fast, accurate measurement of CO for both ambient air and flue gas applications
  • Exclusive B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensor for easy field replacement
  • Advanced features like trending display and a 15-minute CO ambient test
  • Available accessories for appliance testing, differential temperature testing, NOx filtering, etc.

PGM-IR Portable Refrigerant Monitor

Our Most Powerful, Most Accurate Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector

  • The most powerful, accurate portable refrigerant leak detector
  • 1 ppm Minimum Detectable Level
  • Detect leaks that other instruments can’t
  • Cut leak inspection times
  • Fast response time finds leaks quickly
  • Infrared sensor unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity
  • Real time ppm display quantifies leak to help easily find the source
  • 60+ refrigerants accurately detected
  • Halogen CO2, N2O and SF6 versions available


Sling Psychrometer

A dependable, accurate RH meter

  • Fast, accurate measurement of RH for many applications
  • Simple to operate and read the measurements
  • Designed to be compact with portability in mind


InTech® Combustion Analyzer

Handheld Combustion Analyzer for Residential Applications

  • Readings for O2, CO, CO2, combustion efficiency and temperature make the Intech an all-in-one instrument for combustion tuning
  • Exclusive, field replaceable, B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensor simplifies sensor replacement and reduces downtime
  • Smartphone App allows users to quickly create custom reports which can be sent to customers with comments
  • Six fuels available in North American configuration covering most applications like natural gas, oil 2 and propane


G110 portable CO2 analyser

  • The G110 portable CO2 analyser for use within brewery, food processing, medical and research applications
  • The analyser measures CO2 0-100% and measures O2 0-100%
  • The unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements, that provide you with a fast, simple to use analyser
  • Provides quick and simple verification of CO2 levels
  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings


G150 Portable CO2 analyser

  • The G150 portable CO2 analyser is used for indoor air applications
  • Use the G150 to monitor the interiors of transportation vehicles crossing borders
  • Measure and monitor the air in office buildings to ensure conditions are optimal for your staff
  • Measure CO2 0-10000ppm
  • The G150 has built in gas moisture removal
  • Use the G150 for quick verification of CO2 levels for site audits
  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings 


Image result for YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor
YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor


  • Capacity for 1 temperature, 1 RH sensor and 5 internal gas sensors, plus 1 externally mounted particulate sensor
  • More than 30 plug & play sensors available to choose from, including electrochemical, catalytic, infrared & PID, particulate
  • Gas sampling with an internal sample draw pump or by diffusion
  • Optional high capacity data logging with 2GB SD memory card and software for collecting, analysing and graphic data
  • RoHS compliant circuit boards

Image result for YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ Monitor
YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ Monitor


  • 15 sensor capacity
  • More than 30 plug & play sensors available to choose from, including electrochemical, catalytic, infrared & PID
  • Data logging to SD memory card
  • Data logging software for collecting, analysing and graphing data